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About Us

Who we are?

We are small software company on the market since 2007 and focusing on manufacturing process. We have experiences with design, delivery and service (worldwide) MES (Manufacturing execution system) and software optimization of process. In short we know how to communicate with manufacturing machines, use their data and send back optimized settings in real time 24/7 to achieve smooth and high quality production.

We understand what means digitalization, IoT and Industry 4.0 as well. In every project we try to bring new innovative approach with using latest available technologies like GPU accelerated computing, cloud, machine learning and many others.

Optimization of manufacturing processes

What we are doing?

Our world is optimization. We are strongly focusing on innovation and using latest technologies like accelerated GPU computing or cloud to solve optimization tasks for manufacturing processes. Installation sites are located worldwide and each installation is custom adjusted and integrated into local individual customer conditions and existing systems. Show us your challenge, we find a way for you. We cover following 3 parts of manufacturing process: 


Prosimerice 177, 671 61                    
Czech Republic
VAT ID: CZ27723968


Phone: +420 724 860 230